Capital City Games & Music has teamed up with Jester Amusement, Retrocade and MVP Distributing and others to bring you AD ASTRA AUCTIONS.

Our goal is to provide a different type of auction to you, helping you find the perfect piece for your collection and introducing the auction environment to new buyers. All of our games are plugin and play the day of the auction, unless noted. We have extended inspection times to ensure buyers have time to ask questions and take it for a test drive. Honesty, integrity and transparency are the name of our game.


Capital City Games & Music LLC is a small route coin-op business based in Topeka, Kansas. Operator Ernie Jolly has been in the industry for almost 20 years, but his passion and addiction for arcade games started way before that.

In 2015, Ernie began to shift the focus of his business from buying brand new games to suppling high-quality, used games. He has traveled the US to different auctions and increased his knowledge on the value of used games and is able to provide that expertise in recommendation to his business partners. This allows them to get a new game (well, new to them) at a price point that fits their budget. (Or get a few pieces.) 

The same ideology applies to many home game buyers, who increasingly wants vintage pinballs, cocktails and/or cabinets, creating their ultimate “man” cave. And while there are a number of amazing, ah-maz-ing brick-and-morter stores where you can purchase a brand new pin or machine, it’s not the answer for the buyer who either wants a particular vintage game, perhaps for nostalgic reasons, or is not prepared to shell out the price on the sticker. This is where Ad Astra Arcade Auction comes in. 

If you’re a serious home game buyer (or just like the authentic, real-deal) then don’t even think about purchasing some arcade cabinet you saw advertised last holiday season for $400 in a mailer. For a bit more, you can get the real deal and won’t feel barrel crushed in the end. But for many, the idea of going / buying at an auction if foreign. Plus, if you’re not in the industry, what types of questions do you ask? Do you know how to get that pinball down into your basement, even? What if a monitor goes out? Should you replace it with a new LCD or what is the cost for tub monitor? 

Answering these questions and needs are just the beginning of what makes Ad Astra Arcade Auction unique. Toped with a simulcasted live auction experience for online bidders, extended inspection times which allow you to play the games and having the current owner / operator on hand to answer any questions – is just the start of how we’re shooting for the stars to provide you with a great experience. 

Ad Astra Auctions was born in 2019 with the impetus of providing a unique auction experience that welcomes not only the coin-operator and industry professionals but the home buyer. 

Ernie services a variety of businesses in Northeast Kansas with items ranging from dart boards and ATM machines to redemption games and skeeball. He has a passion for vintage games and an extensive knowledge of the inner workings. He has been a go-to consultant for many barcade startups over the past few years. So whether your looking for your business, you are in the coin-op industry or wanting that show piece in your mancave, Cap City Games & Music can help.


  1. We offer online bidding, powered by Proxibid
  2. The live auction is simulcasted via Proxibid for online buyers
  3. We provide three inspection times so you can test drive any and all games
  4. We will host a Facebook Live inspection for online buyers
  5. All games plug in and play unless noted in catalog
  6. All consignors are on-hand to answer questions
  7. Retrocade, a leader in arcade and pinball parts and maintenance, will be available at the auction if you have technical questions or desire to purchase additional items to enhance your winning bids


We will be good stewards of your time and we ask of you the same.

Therefore we will strive to start the auction on time (within 10 minutes). Please plan to arrive early enough to get checked in and ask any questions before 11am.

5529 Gray St. 
Arvada, CO 80002


Cap City Games & Music partners with consigners to bring you the best Arcade Auctions in the mid-west. Almost all auction lots are coin-op amusement equipment, including standup Arcade, Pinball and a variety of redemption bulk and other operator coin op equipment.

It is not uncommon to find amusement and barcade industry related items in our auctions as well including vintage and new neons, bar signs and even comic books.


September 7, 2019 Ad Astra Arcade Auction in Arvada, CO
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